The Centre for Social Informatics launched the Mobile Ageing website

The Centre for Social Informatics launched the Mobile Ageing website, which represents support for the Mobile Ageing project that is directed towards studying the sociotechnical affordances of ATs in mobile phones to foster inclusive and empowered ageing of the heterogeneous group of the elderly.

The main aims of Mobile Ageing focus on:

  • The evaluation of crucial factors that should be considered when designing services on mobile phones that contribute to the subjective and objective dimensions of the quality of life of older people.
  • The development of detailed user profiles based on the segmentation of older users of different mobile phones types, based on the study of their lifestyles, needs and motives for mobile phones usage, integration into the social environment, personal characteristics etc.
  • Benchmarking and usability, accessibility and scalability analysis of existing ATs and mobile phone services for older people.
  • Development of (a) paper prototype(s) of optimal mobile application(s), its evaluation and study of its implementation among potential end-users.

Back to list of notificationsPublished: 24. April 2015 | Category: News