CSI researchers organized a symposium on ICT & Ageing at 24th NCG

Andraž Petrovčič, Ph.D., Darja Grošelj, Ph.D., and Vesna Dolničar, Ph.D., organized a thematic symposium at the 24th Nordic Congress of Gerontology, 2-4 May 2018, in Oslo, Norway.

The symposium titled »Gradations of digital inclusion in later life: A multi-cultural perspective« provided new insights into the interrelations between various aspects of aging and their association with the (non-)use of information and communication technology (ICT) in later life. The presentations introduced novel findings on the role of ICTs in aging drawn from five studies conducted in four different countries (Slovenia, Finland, the Netherlands, Canada).

Notably, presented studies dealt with a diversified array of ICT-based communication practices that older adults are using to maintain contact with family members, explored how family solidary and digital inclusion can be fostered through younger generations helping older adults getting online, studied how the interaction between age and other socio-economic factors is also relevant to understand and mitigate the age-related digital inequalities, discussed the ways in which social and assistive robots can contribute to a more inclusive and empowering older adults’ independent living at home, as well as provided empirical evidence of factors promoting favorable perceptions of a wearable assistive application aimed at improving the recovery of stroke patients in home environment.

The symposium has been conducted as part of research activities on two ongoing ARRS projects at the Centre for Social Informatics: