CSI members attended the ESRA 8th Annual Conference

Vasja Vehovar, PhD, Andraž Petrovčič, PhD, Asist. Miha Matjašič, Jernej Berzelak, PhDBarbara Brečko, PhD and Gregor Čehovin, PhD  from the Centre for Social Informatics (CSI) attended the European Survey Research Association (ESRA) 8th Conference. The conference took place in Zagreb, Croatia, from 15th to 19th July 2019. It is the largest European conference covering the field of survey methodology.

Vasja Vehovar, PhD presented a paper entitled »When to Ask Student Evaluation Questionnaire: before the Exam, after the Exam or at both Occasions?«, which was prepared in collaboration with an assist. Miha Matjašič. A similar paper entitled »To Force or Not to Force into the Survey Participation: Avoiding Nonresponse and Satisficing« was also presented by Barbara Brečko, PhD. Both papers address student surveys, which make a significant contribution to the improvement of study programs, the manner of their implementation and the pedagogical work of the members of the University of Ljubljana.

Andraž Petrovčič, PhD presented a paper entitled »Measurement Invariance of the Short Internet Skills Scale: Testing the Differences Between Younger and Older Internet Users«, which was prepared in collaboration with Alexander van Deursen, PhD (Twente University), Vesna Dolničar, PhD (CDI), Tomaž Burnik (CDI) and Darja Grošelj, PhD (CDI).

Assist. Miha Matjašič presented a paper entitled »Introducing response quality criteria for eliminating speeders in web surveys: Results from a meta-study were paradata were used to separate "good" speeders from "bad" ones«, which was prepared in collaboration with Vasja Vehovar, PhD. Assist. Miha Matjašič also participated in two short courses, the first one was »Survey Data Visualisation in R« and the second one was »The Mechanics of Longitudinal Data Analysis«.

Jernej Berzelak, PhD presented two papers. The first paper entitled »Responding Behavior of CRONOS Panellists«, which was prepared in collaboration with Wiebke Webeer, PhD (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) and Ana Villar, PhD (Facebook) and the second paper entitled »Consideration of Device-Related Error Sources in Integrated Collection of Smartphone Sensor Data and Survey Data«, which was prepared in collaboration with Uroš Podkrižnik (CDI), Jasna Urbančič and Matej Senožetnik (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Jožef Stefan Institute) and Vasja Vehovar, PhD.

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