COOP4HEALTHCARE project partner meeting

The COOP4HEALTHCARE Interreg SI-AT project, of which the research team of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences, Centre for Social Informatics is part of, is moving into the last period of its operation. Thus, on November 15, 2019, the leading partner in the project, the University of Carinthia (CUAS, Austria), organized the first part of the closing meetings of the project partners. The meeting followed a public event on behalf of the COOP4HEALTHCARE project by the leading partner, the Smart Living Forum, which took place on November 14, 2019 as part of the Innovation Congress in Villach, Austria.

The final meeting was attended by Vesna Dolničar, PhD, and Katja Prevodnik PhD, and was intended to reflect on the varied activities of project partners in the past months (implementation of the policy learning lab in Austria, implementation of a think tank and simulation of a policy learning lab in Slovenia, call for posters and papers within the Smart Living Forum) and planning of future activities that the partners will undertake in order to encourage discussions in the field of integrated (health) care. The findings will be used by the project partners in the development of the strategy and the design of the 2020-2026 Roadmap. The partnership thus establishes the foundations for the further development of projects in the field of integrated healthcare and care solutions and addresses the basic objective of the project - improving institutional capacity in the field of healthcare.


Back to list of notificationsPublished: 26. November 2019 | Category: News