Completed research related to ESS Electronic Questionnaire Device

Members of the Centre for Social Informatics (CSI), Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, have successfully completed research related to a ESS Electronic Questionnaire Device, in collaboration with NatCen, National Centre for Social Research, and European Social Survey Research Infrastructure Research Consortium (ESS ERIC). The CSI members, led by the project leader associate prof. dr. Katja Lozar Manfreda, conducted tests with electronic questionnaires on a convenience sample of people who were unfamiliar with the use of tablets. The goal was to test the usability and feasibility of administering electronic surveys to participants who are normally excluded from such surveys because they do not use the Internet and/or mobile devices. The project will continue with a pilot study of a larger sample of participants, with the ultimate goal of developing an approach to engaging otherwise unsurveyed segments of the population in social science survey research. The work is funded by the European Social Survey ERIC consortium.

Back to list of notificationsPublished: 05. July 2021 | Category: News