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Centre for Social Informatics hosted Prof. Dr. Kelly Quinn (USA)

The Centre for Social Informatics hosted Prof. Dr. Kelly Quinn from May 13 to 15. Dr. Quinn is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago, USA. Her research focuses on the ways in which new communication platforms, such as social media and smart speakers, intersect with privacy and life stage.

The purpose of the visit was knowledge exchange, work on ongoing projects, and building connections for future joint research activities. During the visit, Prof. Dr. Kelly Quinn also gave a talk entitled "Privacy and Power: Navigating the dynamics of individual agency in a digitally connected world", in which she discussed the tensions between privacy, big data analytics, and social practices.

Associate Professor Dr. Kelly Quinn’s visit to the Centre for Social Informatics ( at FDV UL is co-funded by the Slovenian Research and Innovation Agency and the Ministry of Digital Transformation by research projects J5-2558 (The implications of proxy internet use for the internet skills of older adults) and V5-2275 (Digital inequalities and older adults in Slovenia) and program P5-0399 (Internet research).


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