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Article Publication: Izzivi uporabe neverjetnostnih spletnih panelov v družboslovnem raziskovanju

In modern social science research, surveys are mainly conducted online. The high cost of recruiting units into probability-based surveys means that nonprobability online panels are used ever more often. These are large databases of potential respondents who agree to participate in various web surveys for a certain incentive. Most market research and some public sector research has already moved to nonprobability online panels that are significantly cheaper than probability-based surveys. The latter, in turn, ensure the better accuracy of survey estimates.

In the article, the authors Vasja Vehovar, PhD and Gregor Čehovin, PhD, members of the Centre for Social Informatics, review evaluations of nonprobability online panels, illustrate typical problems encountered, and present guidelines for deciding whether to use them.

The full article (in Slovenian) is available here, and more information on the issue of Teorija and praksa in which the article was published can be found here.
Back to list of notificationsPublished: 16. January 2023 | Category: Publications