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Andreja Praček receives the Faculty Award for the Best Academic Performance

Andreja Praček, a member of the Centre for Social Informatics, is one of the recipients of the Faculty's Award for the Best Academic Performance at the post-graduate level. She completed her studies at the renewed Master's programme in Social Informatics with her Master's thesis Student Evaluation Surveys in a Global Context: Methodological Aspects of Conducting and Interpreting Results, in which she compared the system of student evaluation surveys (i.e. surveys in which students evaluate professors and courses) among the best universities around the world.

Among other findings, her thesis shows that the evaluation system is very similar between universities in some aspects: e.g. that most universities conduct evaluations and that these are mostly mandatory for professors, but participation is not mandatory for students. However, some differences have also emerged in terms of implementation and interpretation, depending on the factors analysed. The most interesting finding of the Master's thesis was that the Asian system is much stricter than the European and American systems (Asian students are mostly obligated to participate, while educators have strict criteria for the grades they have to achieve in the evaluations).


Back to list of notificationsPublished: 08. December 2022 | Category: News