10 years of the Centre for Social Informatics

On March 1, 2021, the Centre for Social Informatics celebrated its 10th anniversary of establishment. At its inception, it had 16 members; today, with 25 members, it is one of the largest centres at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences.

In the ten years of activity the Centre’s researchers coordinated the LLP project "Detailed Methodological Approach to Understanding VET education in 7 European Countries" and five implementations of the project "Centre for Safer Internet of Slovenia" (Safe.si, Spletno oko and Tom Telefon). As a partner, we have participated in over 20 international projects, including four Interreg projects, four COST projects, two EU Framework Program projects, two LLP projects, two marketing projects for Eurostat and Eurofound, one Erasmus + project and one NFM project.

At the national level, we successfully obtained 11 projects co-funded by the Slovenian Research Agency, including three applicative projects co-funded by Simobil, Smart Com and Telekom Slovenije companies. Since 2017, the Centre has also been conducting student surveys for all Faculties of the University of Ljubljana.

In 2015, the Internet Research Programme group was established, demonstrating the scholarly excellence of the Centre's members. In addition to implementing a large number of projects, the Programme group is committed to publishing in the most prestigious journals, thus achieving a high citation rate of scientific publications.

The members of the Centre are also developing an open-source online survey tool 1KA (www.1ka.si), through which more than three million online questionnaires are completed annually. Every year we organize an "Web Survey Day" with about 200 participants who are users of web surveys from the academic, public and business sectors.

Under the auspices of the Centre the other high profile events were organized. The conference "E-abuse of children" is organized together with the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia and the Police. Safer Internet Day events reach more than 10,000 people through online platforms. Every year we organize a conference on Combined Surveys, with the participation of representatives of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, National Institute of Public Health and the University of Ljubljana.

The development of information and communication technologies will continue to significantly change social life and the working methods of social sciences.  Therefore, the members of the Centre for Social Informatics will continue to critically monitor the social impact of this development, building on experience, innovation, and scientific and professional excellence, offer solutions to exploit its potential and address emerging challenges.

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