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Darja Grošelj, PhD has co-authored a chapter in a monograph published by Routledge

Darja Grošelj, PhD, member of the Centre for the Social Informatics (CSI) at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences, has published a chapter entitled Digital Divides, Usability, and Social Inclusion: Evidence From the Field of E-Services in the United Kingdom in a monograph Social Inclusion and Usability of ICT-Enabled Services. The chapter was co-authored by Bianca C. Reisdorf, PhD.

18. April 2018 | News

The latest scientific publications of the CSI members

Members of the Centre for the Social Informatics (CSI), Andraž Petrovčič, PhD and Vesna Dolničar, PhD, co-authored four original scientific articles, published in three reputable journals (Computers in human behavior, International journal of human-computer interaction and Telematics and informatics) in 2017 and 2018, and one chapter in a monograph published by Routledge in 2018. Among the co-authors of the contributions are also CSI members Darja Grošelj, PhD, and Sakari Taipale, PhD.

16. April 2018 | News

Fourth EEPE event of the Interreg Europe project ITHACA

On 21st and 22nd of March the fourth of nine Exchange of Experience and Peer Evaluation (EEPE) events took place in Spain city of Bilbao (Basque Country). EEPE was attended by Vesna Dolničar and Mojca Šetinc from the Centre for Social Informatics (CSI), and two representatives of the stakeholders – Drago Rudel from MKS, enterprise specialized in telecare solutions, and Anita Jacović from Ministry of Health.

30. March 2018 | News

CSI researcher presenting at SMARTER LIVES 2018

Kaja Smole Orehek attended the SMARTER LIVES 2018 that took place in Innsbruck, Austria on 20th of February 2018. SMARTER LIVES international conference aims to contribute to the scientific discussion in the field of smart technologies for an ageing society and Active and Assisted Living (AAL).

22. February 2018 | News

2nd national stakeholders’ meeting of the ITHACA project

The second national stakeholders’ meeting of the Interreg Europe ITHACA project was held at the Faculty of Social Sciences on February 16. ITHACA involves 9 EU regions with a shared ambition to accelerate the scaling up of smart health and care innovation that can support active and healthy living.

19. February 2018 | News

A talk about web surveys on EMOS Webinar

On 7 February, Nejc Berzelak, PhD, and Vasja Vehovar, PhD, held a talk on web surveys to participants of a web seminar (»webinar«). The talk was a part of a European Master in Official Statistics (EMOS) series of webinars, coordinated by the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana. The webinars address relevant topics in the field of official statistics with speakers coming from a variety of European institutions, including universities, national statistical institutes, Eurostat and central banks.

12. February 2018 | News

New 3-year undergraduate programme of Social Informatics

In the academic year 2018/19 the Department of Social Informatics and Methodology is going to launch a new three-year undergraduate programme of Social Informatics, combining interdisciplinary knowledge on information and communication technology (ICT), social sciences and the Internet. The new study programme gives students the opportunity to gain and combine knowledge on applied informatics, internet research, methodology, statistics, and data analytics.

07. February 2018 | News

ReSTI project continues, for nearly one year - activities information

Excellence in research, social and technological innovation (ReSTI) project management is producing expected results. In the last quarter of 2017 University of Ljubljana (UL) focused on review of project management status and expectations in Slovenia. For collection of existing and expected knowledge over 100 addresses were contacted to participate in the ReSTI survey in November 2017. Forty people participated in online survey, majority were women (29), education level in majority was PhD (21) coming from educational type working place (24).

29. January 2018 | News