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Impressions from the ESRA Survey Methodology Summer School

Last week, the Faculty of Social Sciences hosted the Survey Methodology Summer School, organized by the European Survey Research Association (ESRA) and the Centre for Social Informatics

09. July 2024 | News

In Memory of Professor Don Dillman

We are sad to share the news that Don Dillman, retired professor at Washington State University, has passed away in June 2024. Professor Dillman was well known to students and graduates of Social Informatics and Methodology as one of the foremost survey methodologists.

30. June 2024 | News

Researchers at the Centre for Social Informatics published an article in the journal Information, Communication & Society

Andraž Petrovčič, PhD, Bianca Reisdorf, PhD, Vasja Vehovar, PhD, and Jošt Bartol published an original research article titled “Disentangling the role of algorithm awareness and knowledge in digital inequalities: an empirical validation of an explanatory model” in Information, Communication & Society, a top-tier journal in the field of communication and Internet studies.

14. June 2024 | News, Publications

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11. June 2024 | News

Launching a probability-based web panel at the Centre for Social Informatics

At the Centre for Social Informatics we are launching a probability-based online panel beginning in June 2024. The CDI panel enables the integration of survey questions into an infrastructure in which the optimal balance between costs and errors is achieved

31. May 2024 | News

ESRA Summer School in Ljubljana

Survey Methodology Summer School 2024 jointly organised by the European Survey Research Association (ESRA) and the Centre for Social Informatics will take place from Monday the 1st of July 2024 until Wednesday the 3rd of July 2024 at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

29. May 2024 | News

Centre for Social Informatics hosted Prof. Dr. Kelly Quinn (USA)

The Centre for Social Informatics hosted Prof. Dr. Kelly Quinn from May 13 to 15. Her research focuses on the ways in which new communication platforms, such as social media and smart speakers, intersect with privacy and life stage.

20. May 2024 | News

TRACeD Project: Five psychologists discuss about cyberviolence against women and girls

The conversation on gender violence against women isn't new, but its online dimension brought it into sharper focus in recent years. From receiving offensive and sexually explicit messages to enduring public shaming and threats, women may face many challenges in the online sphere.

29. February 2024 | News

TRACeD Final Conference - Aspects of gender-based cyberviolence: Recognition, Prevention, and Ways to address the phenomenon

The Conference brought together stakeholders, competent authorities, experts, and advocates in the field to reflect on the project's outcomes, share experiences and discuss further strategies to combat gender-based cyberviolence.

23. February 2024 | News

SurveyWeightingGUI: An open source application for weighting survey data

Luka Štrlekar (Master's student of Applied Statistics) and Vasja Vehovar, PhD (UL FDV) developed SurveyWeightingGUI: an open source application (programming language R) for weighting survey data.

12. February 2024 | News