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40th Anniversary of Defence Studies at Faculty of Social Sciences

Defence Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences have celebrated its 40th anniversary on December 10th 2015. During the last 40 years the defence studies in Slovenia have developed and progressed into a discipline, which broadly deal with the complex issues of national and international security. A large number of professionals have acquired necessary education and knowledge as our graduates, enabling them to significantly influence contemporary practices at all levels and in various segments of security system. We also marked 30 years of institutional research within the Defence Research Centre. Through numerous research projects, scientific and professional publications and public appearances, Defence Studies have also significantly responded to a number of security related issues in Slovenia and in the wider international arena. We were honoured to welcome Rector of the University of Ljubljana, Prof Dr Ivan Svetlik, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Prof Dr Monika Kalin Golob, and State Secretary at the Ministry of Defence, Miloš Bizjak, M.Sc., at our celebration. The audience was addressed by a key-note speaker, Honourable Professor Dr Anton Bebler.



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