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The AI@MissionCities Project or How to Use Artificial Intelligence for Preparing a Baseline for Climate Neutral Cities

Have you ever considered how Artificial Intelligence can be used in sustainable development and strategic planning? Participants involved in the AI@MissionCities project that was conducted during the 2023/2024 winter semester at the University of Ljubljana have.

Students from four faculties (Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Biotechnical Faculty, and Faculty of Law) prepared a case study of the use of artificial intelligence to prepare a baseline for climate neutral cities by 2030. They were supported by both pedagogical mentors from the participating faculties and expert mentors from the City of Ljubljana, ELES and Institut "Jožef Stefan".

The project resulted in recommendations related to hybrid work and green transition (particularly addressing the related traffic challenges) for Ljubljana as a member of the ‘Net Zero Cities’ initiative. The analyses and recommendations are available in Slovenian and can be accessed freely here.
Back to list of notificationsPublished: 11. April 2024 | Category: News