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Project Partners Discussed MNC Whispering Video Case Upgrades at the Project Training Event Hosted by CIR in Ljubljana

A 3-day Video Case Library 4 International Business (VCL4IB) LTT project training took place between 2 and 4 September 2020 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. At the event, project partners discussed upgrades of video case studies based on their initial testing of the videos with students and the invaluable inputs by three keynote speakers:

Robert Kaše, PhD, from the School of Economics and Business at the University of Ljubljana kicked-off the event with a keynote address on the challenges of virtual and hybrid teams during the Covid-19 era and beyond. In a discussion with project partners, he also addressed several innovative approaches for engaging students as well as academia and practitioners in online teaching or learning and virtual teams. He stressed the importance of rich teaching materials for developing the necessary skills for work in and management of hybrid teams.

Matevž Rašković, PhD, Director Learning and Teaching BCom management (School of Marketing and International Business, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand), shared his extensive experience with engaging students in the teaching and learning exchange. In his keynote address, he stressed the importance of storytelling and keeping the user in mind when preparing video lectures or related teaching materials. He also commented on the value of VCL4IB project outputs (especially in light of Covid-19 circumstances). He highlighted the advantage of these materials being prepared by teachers for teachers. As such, they allow educators great flexibility in terms of the topics they can teach through individual or combined cases. Matt additionally stressed the relevance of insight into the European context in IB.

On the final day, Olga Veligurska, Director of @CEEMAN - International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies (headquartered at @IEDC - Bled School of Management), gave a keynote speech on ‘Case studies in business and management curriculum’. She emphasised the importance of cases in academic and professional training for nurturing both the inspiration and confidence among students or practitioners taking part in it. She particularly commended the teaching and learning synergies that emerge in cases co-authored by academics, practitioners, and students – an approach also taken by VCL4IB project partners. Her experience in organising trainings through the use of case studies – particularly for students with practical experience in business already; showed the potential for extension of VCL4IB video case studies to managerial audiences.

The training was hosted by Andreja Jaklič, PhD, from the Centre of International Relations (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana) and was a hybrid event, taking place both at the FDV UL premises and online due to Covid-19.


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