MNCwhispering at EIBA 2020: A Workshop on Using Video Cases in IB Teaching by Filip De Beule and Andreja Jaklič

Filip De Beule from KU Leuven and Andreja Jaklič from CIR (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana) organised an online workshop on using video cases in IB teaching on 14 December 2020 at this year’s EIBA annual conference.

The two speakers shared experience and empirical evidence from testing pilot video cases from the VCL4IB project in different teaching environments. Based on these, they presented the pros and cons of using video case studies in IB teaching and demonstrated how the thus far produced video case studies and knowledge clips from the project can be used for teaching purposes. They also presented some of the possible teaching strategies when using video case studies – along with proposed approaches to evaluation of the learning outcomes of such teaching strategies.

A high interest in gaining and sharing knowledge on video cases in online and hybrid teaching among participants made the workshop highly interactive. Participants also expressed motivation to both use and develop video content after the workshop. VCL4IB partners are looking forward to future collaborations.


Back to list of notificationsPublished: 18. December 2020 | Category: News