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International Networks

EISA (European International Studies Association)


The European International Studies Association (EISA) has been created by the Standing Group on International Relations (SGIR) in 2013. One of the Association's founders was also a member of the Centre of International Relations Dr. Zlatko Šabič, Professor.

The Association's activities include a broad array of events, ranging from large scale annual Pan-European Conferences to the European Workshops in International Studies (EWIS), Exploratory Symposia (ES) and Young Researchers’ Workshops (YRW) – the latter organised back-to-back of the Pan-European conferences.

EISA continues to work on several of the tasks performed by its founder; i.e. the Standing Group of the European Corporation of Political Research – SGIR, in which Dr. Bojko Bučar, Professor, and Dr. Zlatko Šabič, Professor, both participated as active members. SGIR was founded in 1990 as a network connecting both individual faculty members and research communities from the field of International Relations in Europe – at national and regional levels.

EISA Website

TEPSATEPSA (Trans European Policy Studies Association)

The Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) was established in 1974 as the first transeuropean research network. With an aim to provide high quality research on European integration based on a triple ‘A’ approach (Analysis, Assessment, and Advice) the Association connects 37 member institutes and associate members located in 32 countries – including both EU member states and candidate countries. TEPSA acts as a link between researchers, policy-makers at national and EU level, and citizens from different EU member states.

TEPSA Website 

ECPRLogoECPR (European Consortium for Political Research)

The European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) is an independent scholarly association, established in 1970. Its 350 institutional members across around 50 countries represent the leading universities, students, and senior academics engaged in the research and teaching of political science worldwide. The Consortium supports and encourages the training, research, and cross national co-operation of political scientists.

ECPR Website

EIBAlogoEIBA (European International Business Academy)

The European International Business Academy (EIBA) was established in 1974 under the auspices of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) and in close cooperation with the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM). The Academy is a professional association and a network of more than 500 academics, business people, and other individuals with an interest in the field of international business. The aims of the network include information dispersal and international exchange promotion in the field of international relations. Members of EIBA come from 50 countries representing all 5 continents.

EIBA Website

EADI_logoEADI (European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes)

The European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI) is the leading European network in the field of development research and training. It promotes quality in research and education in development studies, the exchange of relevant information among European researchers and academics from the field of development studies, and the strengthening of relevant knowledge networks at the regional and global level. The network cooperates with both national and European decision-makers in the development cooperation field.

EADI Website

RESER logoRESER (European  Association for REsearch on SERvices)

The European Association for REsearch on SERvices (RESER) is an interdisciplinary network of research groups and individuals active in services research and policy formulation, mainly located in European countries. The network’s objectives include: promotion of joint research on services across Europe and elsewhere; promotion of research on services as key to understanding economic activity; support to PhD students, post-docs and young researchers interested in the research of service topics; and providing policy and economic decision makers with reports and analyses related to the development of services and to their role and impact.

RESER Website

CEEISA logoCEEISA (Central and East European International Studies Association)

The Central and East European International Studies Association (CEEISA) was established in 1996 to create a network of researchers in Central and Eastern Europe from the field of international studies.

Three members of the Centre of International Relations in particular have had an important role in the Association from its outset: Dr. Bojko Bučar, Professor, was one of the organisation’s creators, while Dr. Zlatko Šabič, Professor, and Dr. Milan Brglez, Assistant Professor, were among the organisation’s founders.

The Association aims to enable meetings and exchange of research results by researchers from Central and Eastern Europe and to enhance co-operation within the region so as to secure a more tangible IR output to the global scientific community. CEEISA is a member of the World International Studies Committee (WISC).

 CEEISA Website

ISA logoISA (The International Studies Association)

The International Studies Association (ISA) has been the premier organization for connecting scholars and practitioners in the fields of international studies since 1959 when it was founded. The Association's main aim is to promote research and education in international affairs. With well over 6.000 members worldwide, ISA is the most respected and widely known scholarly association in this field. Cooperating with 57 international studies organizations in over 30 countries, ISA is also a member of the International Social Science Council, and enjoys nongovernmental consultative status with the United Nations.

ISA Website

WISC logoWISC (World International Studies Committee)

The World International Studies Committee (WISC) represents a network of national and regional professional associations in the academic field of International Studies from the entire World. The Committee's aim is to promote scholarly cooperation and exchange at the international level and reach out in particular to countries and regions that are still underrepresented in global international studies. The network, which is the only truly global organisation of international relations academics, was steered by a Centre of International Relations member Bojko Bučar between 2008 and 2014. This was the period in which the network was acheiving steady expansion.

WISC Website

ILA logoILA (International Law Association)

The International Law Association (ILA) was founded in Brussels in 1873. The ILA has consultative status, as an international non-governmental organisation, with a number of the United Nations specialised agencies, and about 3.500 members. Its objectives include "the study, clarification and development of international law, both public and private, and the furtherance of international understanding and respect for international law".

ILA Website

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