Event Announcement: Opportunities and Threats in Contemporary International Business (Warming Up for the 'Six Decades of the Past, Six Decades for the Future' Conference)

Their proficient knowledge of foreign languages, a good understanding of the international business (IB) environment as well as ability to recognize and address the changes and risks of global operation often lead International Relations (IR) students to work in international business.

As experienced IB practitioners, they often return to our lecture rooms, where they share their expertise with the new generations of students in IB classes. Over the years, we have also captured some of their success stories (along with the lessons learned along the way) in video cases. These are shared internationally as part of the digital library of video cases on international business called »MNC Whispering« that has resulted from the Erasmus+ VCL4IB project. 

Join us in a discussion with successful entrepreneurs on 7 October between 17.00 and 19.00 CEST, where they will share tips on how to prepare for risks in international business and turn them into opportunities.


  • Žiga Drev (Origin Trail, IR alumni)
  • Tomaž Levak (Origin Trail, IR alumni)
  • Tamara Juričič Bellomo, Incom Leone (IR alumna)
  • Dušan Olaj (Duol)

Moderator: prof. dr. Andreja Jaklič (Centre and Chair of International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana)

This will be a hybrid event (Grand Hall at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Kardeljeva ploščad 5, 1000 Ljubljana; and online), which is part of the conference celebrating 60 years of teaching and researching International Relations in Slovenia.

Please, register for the event.

*The discussion will be held in Slovenian.

Poster: Opportunities and Threats in Contemporary IB

Opportunities and Threats in Contemporary International Business _ENG
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