CIR Members at AIB-CEE Online Conference about Firms' and Educational Institutions' Resilience to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Prof. dr. Andreja Jaklič, assoc. prof. dr. Anže Burger, assist. dr. Iris Koleša and junior researcher Klemen Knez from CIR took part at this year's AIB-CEE conference focused on the CEE region's resilience. At the event, they presented their most recent research about firms' and educational institutions' resilience to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Andreja Jaklič chaired a panel on resilience in CEE, where she also presented a study on organisational responses to the Covid-19 crisis in Slovenia (co-authored by Anže Burger and Iris Koleša).

She furthermore participated in a discussion on resilient IB teaching and debated the advantages and disadvantages of teaching with video cases during the Covid-19 pandemic based on the experience from the MNCwhispering project (this was a joint contribution with Iris Koleša). During the presentation, the need for continuous updates of complementary teaching materials was particularly stressed.

She moreover joined the debate on AIB-CEE and Central-Asia tackling the challenges and opportunities for cooperation with Matt Rašković, Dana Minbaeva, Lukasz Puslecki, Piotr Trapczynski, Dušan Olaj, Sanat Kozhakmetov, Zhanat Syzdykov, Saikal Esenamenova, and Begench Atayev, where all speakers agreed there were many opportunities for synergies and further collaboration between the two regions.

Finally, she was also a panellist in the ‘Firm internationalization and innovation cooperation in the CEE region during the COVID-19 pandemic: diagnosis, challenges, perspectives' panel.

Anže Burger and Klemen Knez additionally presented their study on how industry domestic and global value chain participation determine different channels of aggregate productivity growth.
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