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Ajda Hedžet, Melika Mahmutović and Ana Bojinović Fenko Presented their Research at the ISA 2024 Conference in San Francisco

Junior researchers Ajda Hedžet and Melika Mahmutović and prof. dr. Ana Bojinović Fenko (all three are CIR members) attended the annual International Studies Association (ISA) conference in San Francisco (USA) from 2 April to 6 April 2024. The conference theme was putting relationality at the centre of international studies.

The three researchers presented their individual research projects with the following titles: 'Relations and Non-State Actors: Decentering Scholarly Conversations on International Norms' (author: Ajda Hedžet), 'Urban Encounters: Re-Imagining (Fearless) Cities in International Relations' (author: Melika Mahmutović), and 'Peripherality of IR in Central and Eastern Europe: Teaching and Research of IR in the Post-Soviet and Post-Yugoslav Countries' (author: Ana Bojinović Fenko).


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