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BledCom 2021: Public Relations and Public Risk and Crisis Communication

The 28th International Public Relations Research Symposium (BledCom) will be held on July 2-3, 2021. We are happy to inform you that because of the generosity of our sponsors, which will take care of the fee we will need to pay digital providers, we are able to waive the registration fees for BledCom 2021!

Conference Theme is Public Relations and Public Risk and Crisis Communication. Perhaps now more than ever, risk and crisis communication have been thrust into the limelight. Individuals, organizations, and nations have all become the sources as well as recipients of information intended to alter their behavior owing to Covid-19 and its debilitating impact on everyday life globally. Some nations have been lauded for their ability to manage the spread of the virus through effective communication whereas others have been targeted for performing poorly. National performance has certainly hinged on the ability of the leaders of these nations to communicate effectively about the pandemic.

Based on the innate relationship between communication and this pandemic, BledCom 2021 seeks to analyze questions such as:

- What has been the role of public relations in communicating and managing the risks posed by this virus and the crises arising from it?

- How as the public relations industry contributed to public understanding of the pandemic and its ramifications on individuals, organizations, and society?

- What are some examples of the positive contributions that public relations as a practice has made vis-à-vis this pandemic?

- What are some examples of lacunae in the way public relations as a practice has conducted itself vis-à-vis this pandemic?

- How has the body of knowledge of public relations (especially concepts and theories of risk and crisis communication) measured up in the communication vis-à-vis this pandemic?

- What lacunae in the public relations body of knowledge can one discern based on the communication experiences during this pandemic?

- What role have public relations associations played in showcasing the practice as a useful tool in this pandemic?

- Has the public relations industry leveraged on its expertise well enough during this pandemic to advance the reputation of the field as a contributor to social good?

- How have social media been used – especially by individuals – to communicate during the pandemic including for such things as “overcoming” the constraints posed by ‘social distancing’ requirements?

- How have individuals, organizations, and governments coped with balancing privacy and social media tools?

- How have organizations, in particular, used tools of internal communication to effectively engage their internal publics?

- Are there discernible differences between different regions and cultures in the way communication has been leveraged during this pandemic? Case studies from individual nations and comparisons between nations are particularly interesting in this regard

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