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New study: Validation of instruments for measuring individual differences in self-regulated learning, 2019: Pilot study

Author of Research:  Depolli Steiner Katja, Komidar Luka, Pečjak Sonja, Pirc Tina, Podlesek Anja, Puklek Levpušček Melita, Peklaj Cirila, Gril Alenka, Bohak Ciril, Kavčič Alenka, Lesar Žiga, Marolt Matija, Pesek Matevž, Boh Podgornik Bojana and Hladnik Aleš

Year of Research:  2019

Keywords: self-regulated learning; metacognitive knowledge; cognitive strategies; metacognitive strategies; motivational strategies; motivation; learning outcomes; school; pupil; learning; strategies; achievement;

In the framework of the ARRS project "Effectiveness of different types of learning supports in the self-regulation of e-learning (J5-9437)", a pilot study was carried out in 2019 to test three instruments to identify individual differences in the self-regulation of learning. The researchers investigated how each type of learning support affects the performance of e-learning and whether the effectiveness of each type of learning support depends on the learner's individual characteristics (ability, background knowledge, self-regulatory competences). The study translated and adapted the Children's Perceived use of Self-Regulated Learning Inventory (CP-SRLI; Vandevelde, Van Keer and Rosseel, 2013) questionnaire to ask students about their use of different strategies when working for school. The Slovenian version of the questionnaire includes 15 scales in nine domains, with responses on a five-point scale. All participants in the pilot study, i.e. 314 pupils in Year 9 of primary school, took part in the first part. The project also developed two instruments to measure metacognitive knowledge in an e-learning environment. The first tool consists of an open-ended question about how they should learn in order to be able to learn the material as well as possible (e-learning unit). The second tool is a closed-ended questionnaire that asks students about the effectiveness of eight suggested cognitive strategies in learning from e-materials (5-point scale). Half of the participants in the pilot study answered questions from one questionnaire, the other half from the other. The instruments from the pilot study were later used in the main study, which took place in 2021. The pilot study consists of two data files and two questionnaires.

The study was carried out by the authors from the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics and the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, the University of Ljubljana and the Pedagogical Institute.

More information about the research can be found in the ADP Catalogue.

Depolli Steiner, K., Komidar, L., Pečjak, S., Pirc, T., Podlesek, A., Puklek Levpušček, M., Gril, A., Bohak, C., Kavčič, A., Lesar, Ž., Marolt, M., Pesek, M., Boh Podgornik, B., Hladnik, A. and Peklaj, C. (2022). Validation of instruments for measuring individual differences in self-regulated learning, 2019: Pilot study [Data file]. Ljubljana: University of Ljubljana, Slovenian Social Science Data Archives. ADP - IDNo:  IRSUP19.

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