New study: Survey on personal assistance work during the covid-19, 2020

Authors of Research: Boštjan Remic, Center za družbeno raziskovanje = Center for social research

Year of Research: 2020

Keywords: personal assistance, epidemic, covid-19, working conditions, employer, conflicts at the workplace, measures in the workplace, work rights, workers' rights, conflict

The aim of the survey was to obtain information about the working conditions of personal assistants (PAs) during the COVID-19 epidemic. The labour process of personal assistants is individualized, as it takes place at the user's home, and at the same time depends on the specific needs of an individual user. The state has been financing personal assistance services for almost two decades, but the field has been regulated only since the beginning of the year 2019. The legislation has expanded access to personal assistance, thus greatly increasing the number of employed PAs. Due to the nature of work, conflicts often arise with both the users and contractors (formal employers of PAs). The purpuse of the survey was to test if the pressure and conflicts increased during the epidemic, and wanted to obtain information about protective gear and measures provided by the contractors or the ministry.

Remic, B. (2021). Survey on personal assistance work during the covid-19, 2020 [Codebook file]. Ljubljana: Univerza v Ljubljani = University of Ljubljana, Slovenian Social Science Data Archives (ADP). ADP - IDNo: DOA20.
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