New study: Slovenian public opinion 2019/1: Mirror of Public Opinion

Authors of Research: Hafner Fink, Mitja, Public Opinion and Mass Communication Research Centre; Eva Dolenc and Damjan Slabe, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ljubljana; Uroš Kovačič, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana; Tadej Bevk and Mojca Golobič, Biotehniška fakulteta, University of Ljubljana

Year of Research: 2019

Keywords: satisfaction, belief, energy, vegetarianism, social networks, internet, renewable energy, first aid, hate speech, renewable energy, vegetarianism, first aid

Slovenian Public Opinion 2019/1 survey includes 7 topical sections which cover the following national and international surveys: (1) Mirror of public opinion (2) International survey about faith and religion (ISSP) (3) Use of renewable energy sources (4) Vegeterianism and veganism, (5) Attitude towards providing first aid, (6) Use of the internet and online social networks, (7) Hate speech. The survey was performed on a representative sample (realized sample N=1079) of inhabitants of the Republic of Slovenia, 18 years of age or older. It was conducted between March 2019 and June 2019.

Hafner Fink, M., Dolenc, E., Slabe, D., Kovačič, U., Bevk, T. and Golobič, M. (2021). Slovenian public opinion 2019/1: Mirror of Public Opinion, ISSP Religion IV, Use of renewable energy sources, Vegetarianism and veganism, Attitude towards first aid, Use of the Internet and social networks, Hate speech [Data file]. Ljubljana: Univerza v Ljubljani = University of Ljubljana, Slovenian Social Science Data Archives (ADP). ADP - IDNo: SJM191.

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