New study: Slovenian public opinion 2018/2: European Social Survey

Authors of Research: Slavko Kurdija and Brina Malnar, Public Opinion and Mass Communication Research Centre

Year of Research: 2018

Keywords: trust in institutions, interest in politics, evaluation of situation in society, well-being, social inclusion, ethnic affiliation, attitude towards immigrants, citizenship, family, health service, rule of law, relation towards authority and elections, plans for the future, democracy, life path planning, honestly, fairness, values, well-being (society), health, families, trust, politics, social values

As part of the Slovenian Public Opinion (SPO) research program and the research roadmap, the European Social Research Survey - ESS round 9 was conducted in the second half of the year 2018. The ESS is academic driven cross-national social survey. It provides data sources for observing the dynamics of the social climate, attitudes and values in a changing Europe, and ensures full cross-national comparability for more than 30 European countries. The survey includes a core block of genera opinion questions and assessments that remains unchanged over the years and special rotating modules dedicated to specific topics selected on the basis of international calls. In addition to the core module ESS round 9 includes two special rotating module: Timing of life (partial repetition of the 2006 module) and Justice and fairness". See link: The research utilize the highest methodological standards (consistent probability sampling, high level of quality control throughout all research phases and in the phase of data processing and final data preparation).

More info about the research can be found in the ADP Catalogue.

Kurdija, S. and Malnar, B. (2020). Slovenian public opinion 2018/2: European Social Survey [Data file]. Ljubljana: Univerza v Ljubljani = University of Ljubljana, Slovenian Social Science Data Archives (ADP). ADP - IDNo: SJM182.

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