New study: Slovenian public opinion 2017/1: European Values Study

Authors of Research: Samo Uhan, Brina, Malnar, Slavko, Kurdinja, Mitja Hafner Fink, Public Opinion and Mass Communication Research Centre, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana;  Vlado Miheljak, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana

Year of Research: 2017

Keywords:  social inequality, social capital, demography, population, ecology, attitudes, social values, social behaviour, values, politics

The content of the study is procedurally equivalent to the European Values study. Various aspects of values and attitudes towards contemporary social problems are covered, such as religious and moral values, regarding the role of women, ecology, inequality, raising children, etc. Several questions are devoted to political activity, views on society, and the degree of integration of the individual into society measured through participation in associations and societies, the level of trust the individual has towards society. The study also records social distance to various marginal groups, level of satisfaction in life and attitude towards work.

Uhan, S., Malnar, B., Kurdija, S., Hafner Fink, M. and Miheljak, V. (2021). Slovenian public opinion 2017/1: European Values Study [Data file]. Ljubljana: Univerza v Ljubljani = University of Ljubljana, Slovenian Social Science Data Archives (ADP). ADP - IDNo: SJM171.

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