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New study: Feelings of unsafety and the role of police in the provision of security on a local level, 2012

Authors of Research:  Meško Gorazd, Sotlar Andrej, Lobnikar Branko and Jere Maja

Year of Research:  2012

Keywords: Slovenian police, local self-government, residents, safety, Slovenia, trust in the police, citizen cooperation, efficiency of Slovenian police work, responding to security issues, self-protection, police services, police officers, population, policing, communities, public opinion

Modern policing emphasizes a partnership relationship with local self-government and the local population. Consequently, authors wanted to test and compare the views of police officers and residents regarding the role of municipalities and the police in providing safety and security. Aim of the research was to explore the opinions of adult residents of 24 chosen municipalities in Slovenia and police officers who perform the work of the provision of safety and security in this municipalities. The research was conducted in 2012 in urban, medium-sized (mixed), and rural municipalities. With the survey the researchers tested the theory of community policing and the active cooperation of the police with residents and municipalities in providing safety and security.

581 police officers and 961 residents participated in the field survey. The police officers filled out the survey themselves at the police station, while the residents were interviewed at home/an agreed location by an interviewer. File with answers from police officers and file with answers from residents are available for secondary use.


Cite the data:

Meško, G., Sotlar, A., Lobnikar, B. and Jere, M. (2023). Feelings of unsafety and the role of police in the provision of security on a local level, 2012 [Data file]. Ljubljana: Univerza v Ljubljani = University of Ljubljana, Slovenian Social Science Data Archives (ADP). ADP - IDNo: VALOS12.


Based on the research data, several publications were created, for example:

Meško, G., Sotlar, A., Lobnikar, B., Modic, M., & Tominc, B. (2012). Občutek ogroženosti in vloga policije pri zagotavljanju varnosti na lokalni ravni: CRP(V5-1038 A): poročilo ciljnega raziskovalnega projekta (pp. 256, 15 pril.). Fakulteta za varnostne vede.

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