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New study: Cooperation between libraries, archives and museums as heritage institutions, 2022

Author of Research: Teja Zorko

Year of Research:  2022

Keywords: libraries, archives, museum, cultural heritage, cooperation, institutions, public institutions, cultural policy, view on the future


Cultural heritage is seen as a shared intersection of heritage institutions, libraries, archives and museums. The topic of linking these institutions has long been a topical issue abroad, driven by various social changes, as well as by administrative and financial trends and cultural policy decisions. However, the topic has not yet been explored in Slovenia, so the main goal was to present the views of the responsible persons, as well as to identify the current state and perceived needs and what recommendations could be made. The research was conducted in the form of semi-structured interviews, in which the managements of all three types of institutions were invited to participate. The questions were connected to direct cooperation between institutions, obstacles in cooperation, possibilities for developing future cooperation, methods and forms of cooperation, knowledge flow between institutions and examples of good practices between libraries, archives and museums. Theoretically, the survey was placed within a broader sociological model of the public sphere, and the theory of organisational learning. It represents a start into a relatively new research topic, which consequently raises a number of new questions in the field of staff training, digital content and materials processing.

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Zorko, T. (2022). Cooperation between libraries, archives and museums as heritage institutions, 2022 [Data file]. Ljubljana: University of Ljubljana, Slovenian Social Science Data Archives. ADP - IDNo: KAMDU22.
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