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New study: Following recommendations to contain the epidemic, 2020: Convenience Sample

Authors of Research: Zupanič Sanja, Muršič Zarja, Luštrik Roman, Zorko Andraž and Slavec Ana

Year of Research: 2020

Keywords: epidemic, SARS-CoV-2, taking care of one's health, caring for the health of others, health protection measures, opinion on recommendations and measures for limiting the epidemic, application OstaniZdrav, commute to work, social life, social life at home, social life outside home, errands, health care, COVID-19, epidemiology, human behaviour, work at home;

In mid-November 2020, more precisely between November 13 and 16, 2020, independent experts from various fields connected as members of the civil initiatives COVID-19 Tracker Slovenia and Young Doctors (Mladi zdravniki) conducted a survey entitled "How do you take care of yourself and others?". The aim of the survey was to find out to what extent the people of Slovenia followed the recommendations to limit the epidemic of COVID-19. Respondents reported their behaviour during past seven days, that is, during the second week of November 2020. The online questionnaire, which was distributed on social networks, including on the so-called conspiratorial Facebook groups where COVID-19 sceptics gathered, etc., was answered by 5,165 people. Based on the data, the differences in adherence to recommendations between different regions were calculated.


Cite the data:

Zupanič, S., Muršič, Z., Luštrik, R., Zorko, A. and Slavec, A. (2023). Following recommendations to contain the epidemic, 2020: Convenience Sample [Data file]. Ljubljana: Univerza v Ljubljani = University of Ljubljana, Arhiv družboslovnih podatkov = Slovenian Social Science Data Archives. ADP - IDNo: OMEPPR20.


Based on the research data, several publications were created, which are available on the website, for example:

Slavec, A., Žibert, J., Muršič, Z., Zupanič, S., Zorko, A. in Srakar, A. (2020): Kako zaščitna priporočila upoštevajo bolj verjetni prenašalci virusa? Četrti, dodatni del osnovne raziskave “Kako paziš nase in na druge?”. Dostopno na:
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