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Spremljanje in presoja učinkov strateških razvojno-inovacijskih partnerstev (Slovene)




1.11.2019 - 31.10.2022


prof.dr. Maja Bučar

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Social sciences

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The proposed project represents a continuation and an upgrade of the Targeted research project »Strategic development and innovation partnerships as a tool to strengthen innovation capability of Slovenian economy« (Oct.1, 2016- Sept. 30, 2019). The research team, which monitors the SRIPs from their formation on, has developed and tested a methodology for monitoring and evaluating SRIPs as the central instrument for the implementation of Smart Specialisation Strategy (S4). Based on this methodology, a midterm monitoring was performed. The objective of the proposed project is to upgrade the existing indicators and contribute to the preparation of the reports of the individual SRIPs in a manner which acknowledges the proposed methodology as well as indicators. On the basis of such reports the research team will be able to implement realistically the evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of SRIPs by 2022, in spite of relatively short time period after the end of the instrument. Important goal of the project is also the elaboration of the proposals for an upgrade of the system of management of SRIPs, which will enable not only more intensive internal communication, but also communication between different SRIPs. The proposals for better integration of SRIPs in the design of the priorities for research and innovation policy at the country level are to be prepared as well to assure full cooperation of the SRIPs in strategic planning of Slovenian economic development. The research group will assist the Government Office for Development and Cohesion Policy in the programming of Cohesion policy after 2020. This was the project should contribute to the overall development context of the country. Through close cooperation with SRIPs’ offices, the research team will focus on gathering the missing data for the implementation of both, quantitative and qualitative analyses. This will be done through assistance in the preparation of the annual reports of the SRIPs with defining the necessary indicators to be included. Research team is organised so that each member is dedicated to a specific SRIP for monitoring activities of the SRIPs and gathers all relevant information to be able to provide assessment of their performance and effectiveness. An important segment of the proposed project is also the cooperation with the respective government offices in the preparation of background data for reports on the implementation of S4. Assuming that the S4 is aimed at development of a more sustainable and coherent research-innovation policy, which will enable the focusing of the available resources (both financial and human), the assessment of the central instrument like SRIP is essential for the evaluation of the S4 as such as well as for the programming of the Cohesion policy after 2020. The monitoring and the evaluation of the on-going phase (until Sept. 2019) provides the opportunity for certain corrections and upgrades of the current instrument. This is why the important part of the proposed project is not only to evaluate the effectiveness and success of the SRIP instrument as such, but to analyse possible optimisation of the S4 implementation with the objective to maximise its contribution to economic as well as research-development- innovation potential of Slovenia.


1. CRP: Predlogi nadgradnje raziskovalno – razvojnega in inovacijskega sistema v smeri spodbujanja sodelovanja med SRIPi in javnimi raziskovalnimi organizacijami
2. Poročilo CRP SRIP april 2021: Spremljanje in presoja učinkov strateških razvojno inovacijskih partnerstev
3. Letno poročilo: Spremljanje in presoja učinkov strateških razvojno inovacijskih partnerstev (november 2020 - oktober 2021)

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