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Inhibitory and facilitating factors of adult population's involvement in health prevention and promotion program Together for Health




1.10.2022 - 31.3.2024

Range on year:

0.14 FTE | 2022


prof.dr. Tanja Kamin

Research activity:

Medical sciences

The phases of the project and their realization:

The work program will be divided into 8 interrelated work packages, which will serve as a basis for other included work packages, with which we will pursue the project goals. Work Packages: - (DS 1) Systematic literature review on the topic of people's response to inclusion in preventive programs in the field of health. Duration: months 1-4 (4 months) - (DS 2) Development of measuring instruments: survey questionnaire. Duration: months 3-8 (6 months) - (DS 3) Collection of survey data. Duration: months 8-10 (3 months) - (DS 4) Analysis of survey data. Duration: months 11-15 (5 months) - (DS 5) Development of measurement instruments: a guide to in-depth interviews and qualitative data collection. Duration: months 10-13 (4 months) - (DS 6) Analysis of qualitative data. Duration: months 14-16 (3 months) - (DS 7) Preparation of recommendations and measures for various stakeholders in healthcare. Duration: months 16-18 (3 months) - (DS 8) Integrated project management. Duration: months 1-18 (18 months).

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