Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Evaluation of the project Transforming existing networks to provide community-based care services and programs for older adults




1.2.2020 - 30.9.2022

Project leader at FDV:

asist. Lea Lebar

Research activity:

Social sciences

The phases of the project and their realization:

- Baseline report (Seprember 2020) - 3 interim reports (January 2021, July 2021, January 2022) - Final report (September 2022)


Slovenia has been working for many years to develop and adopt a unified law on long-term care that would strengthen community-based care, emphasize deinstitutionalisation and regulate all services and benefits in one place. Ministry of Health issued a call for pilot sites to test solutions in provision of long-term care, using funds proposed under the specific objective 9.2.1 in the Operational Program for the Implementation of the European Cohesion Policy (2014-2020), the priority axis 9 (Social inclusion and poverty reduction), subsection 9.2 (Enhancing access to affordable, sustainable and high-quality services, including health care and social services of general interest). Five project regions (Koper, Maribor, Tržič, Ptuj and Poljčane) were selected to test newly proposed eligibility assessments, single entry points, new services in the community, integration between and within the health and care sectors, personal planning and training of formal carers. UNI-LJ FDV, together with Social Protection Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (lead partner) and the Institute for Economic Research (partner), is responsible for evaluating the project and preparing policy recommendations. The investment is co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund and the Republic of Slovenia. Research organisations: - Social Protection Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (lead partner) - University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences (partner) - Institute for Economic Research (partner)

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