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IT4CAP Design of information-technology solutions in support of data-based implementation of Common agricultural policy of the European Union




1.11.2018 - 31.10.2020

Project leader at FDV: Marko Lovec

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Social sciences

The phases of the project and their realization:

Research will be divided into five working packages (WP) that refer to four vertical and one horizontal issues/needs listed above: WP 1: Review of sources of data that will include - List of data resources and databases (where, what and for whom is currently available) - Quality assessment, identification of missing elements etc. according to methodological criteria - IT categorization important for integration, upgrades, data mining and analysis - Proposals to data administrators on data improvement, availability and access WP WP 2: Methodology for building of databases for analytical purpose that will include - Technical preparatory works for building of databases - Propositions of analytical statistical tools for information processing WP WP 3: Data strategy for implementation of CAP 2021-2027 which will include - Review of existing documents on national and EU level referring to data needs, management and access (e.g. list of indicators – an annex to the Regulation “Strategic plans” and documents on national adaptation of instruments) - Workshops and focus groups to present available options, identify stakeholders views and test possible solutions in dialogue - Data protection and privacy regulations - IT solutions (WP 2) specific to CAP 2021-2027 needs - Data strategy for implementation of CAP in Slovenia in the period 2021-2027 including a roadmap for agencies involved WP 4: Development of a pilot tool for performing of concrete tasks involving - IT preparatory works, existing practices - Development of tool (protocols, visualisation, solutions) - Presentation and testing at workshops involving stakeholders - Additional changes, support WP 5: Informing, inclusion and sustainability - Informing on project by individual target group/result - Formation of advisory board, open events based on active participation by stakeholders (workshops and focus groups) - Access to documents and results, support to ministry in charge and stakeholders in applying designed solutions

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Starting point of the proposed project is growing importance of and need for primary data in the process of European Union’s (EU) Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) implementation in the period 2021-2027 characterised by a turn from compliance towards result based policy. Among other things, the turn will bring more flexibility, ability to define instruments on national level and national responsibility for control. All of this requires for data support in order to programme obligatory national Strategic, plan part of which will be monitoring and impact assessment as well as to ensure compliance with national adaptations and definitions during the control stage. The future requirements include (a) addressing the issue of sufficiency and efficiency of the existing indicators and data sources (e.g. on income or environment), (b) finding possible solutions within existing resources when it comes to the new priorities (Regulation lists 9 priorities) and indicators such as rural poverty, infrastructure, sustainability understood in broader sense (Annex on indicators to Regulation) and (c) to define data needs based on preliminary conditionality (ex cross compliance), defining of eco schemes (passive type of support within pillar I) and national definitions which will require for changes to national registries. All of this will have to be implemented in a relatively short period of time (by the 2020) which is also the period of this project that wants to provide for support to the ministry in charge within this demanding process. The specific issues and objectives addressed by this project in compliance with requirements of strategies and legislative documents on one and existing scientific evidence on the other hand are as follows: - Poor awareness of existing data sources that result from various tasks (by different agents and for different purposes, from implementation to control and science (Volk et al. 2017, Rač et al. 2017; Lovec, Juvančič and Erjavec 2018), particularly from the viewpoint of methodology, new needs based on new policy framework, data linking, IT improvements and upgrades; - Need for a centralised approach towards data sources based on specific protocols and IT solutions to unify standards and access to data for different purposes and by different stakeholders via a comprehensive platform and based on proper solution for user interface, data visualisation and analytical tools (all based on existing solutions for public and private sector domestically and abroad); - Addressing specific needs in the process of CAP 2021-2027 implementation which are based on adaptation of instruments at national level, new indicators to monitor and evaluate effectiveness and policy impact as well as needs related with stakeholder dialogue, all of which will require for data support in the process of programming and implementation as well as a specific data strategy including operational roadmap (see result of CRP Perspectives and challenges of CAP post-2020 implementation in Slovenia); - A need for a concrete IT solution (unified platform and user interface) for data mining and analytical needs in accordance with tasks performed by different agents and stakeholders, from ministry in charge, to control and implementation agency, advisory service, research and education institutions, NGOs and others; - A need for broad dissemination of results and inclusiveness in the process to ensure wide access and usability as well as sustainability of the project beyond the funding period.

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