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Evaluation of occupational medicine system in Slovenia




1.10.2016 - 30.9.2018

Project leader at FDV:

prof.dr. Andrej Rus

Research activity:

Medical sciences

The phases of the project and their realization:

Work packages 1. Overview and evaluation of the provision of occupational medicine services and praxis (due 1st April 2017) 2. Analysis of the system of financing of medicine services and its embeddedness in the health care system (due 15th November 2017) 3. Analysis of the new working requirements and conditions on the labour market (due 1st April 2018) 4. Preparation of the basis for strategic guidance for the Ministry of Health (due 30th September 2018)

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In Slovenia, the number of reports on violations of safety and health at work is increasing. Specifically, in the field of occupational medicine, according to the Labour inspectorate of the RS, the conditions are not improving. Most of the violations of the preventive health checks are related to the inadequate performance of occupational medicine providers. The main task of the occupational medicine is to prevent (and cure) the occupational diseases and diseases related to work and injuries at work. Provision of surveillance over the working conditions is very important. Dangerous substances, that represent risk for worker's health and safety, are present at most of the workplaces. New and different risks are present at workplaces as a consequence of technological progress, nanotechnology and electromagnetic fields. Workers are working longer and older workers represent a large part of the active working population. Changes of the risk factors should be included in the risk assessment. Unfortunately, there is no clear overview of the state of the art in this field, so we do not know exactly how employers are carrying out these tasks. There is no research in the field of occupational medicine, that would give us information about how activities are carried out by different stakeholders. In Slovenia, we also do not have a methodology that would provide us with the information about the quality of service provision. Research in this field is fragmented. The aim of the proposed project is to assess the provision of occupational medicine services. The starting points of the project are: (1) Goals and measures in the field of future health protection at work that are stipulated in the resolution on the national safety and health programme 2016-2025, that considers occupational medicine as an important factor. (2) New law on safety and health at work, that came into force in 2011, regulates rights and obligations of employers and workers about the necessary health measures; (3) There are additional laws that regulate his field; (4) Rules in the field of safety and health at work. The main goal of the project is to examine the conditions that regulate the role of occupational medicine service providers and its financing. Safety and health at work is one of the main challenges in terms of the way services are organized and consequently on the occupational medicine as expertise. Therefore, the project will: Prepare holistic analysis of the provision of occupational medicine services; Evaluate the existing state of the art; Analyse the system of financing these services; Analyse new working requirements and risks; Prepare basis for strategic guidance for the Ministry of Health.

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