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Using paradata to evaluate response quality in surveys




1.7.2018 - 30.6.2021

Range on year:

0.75 FTE | 2018

Project leader at FDV:

prof.dr. Vasja Vehovar

Research activity:

Social sciences

The phases of the project and their realization:

WP1: Project management WP2: Conceptual developments WP3: Analyses of secondary data WP4: Experimental surveys WP5: Integration and new developments WP6: Implementation in the 1KA platform WP7: Dissemination of the results

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The proposed project addresses issues that are highly relevant to general social science methodology and narrows existing knowledge gaps by pursuing the following objectives: 1. providing new knowledge via a systematic overview of the literature and global research practice on the use of paradata; 2. establishing original knowledge on the link between paradata, response quality and the effects of removing low quality responses; 3. developing new approaches to identify respondents who – according to paradata and response data – demonstrate probability for low quality of response, whereby their removal would increase the overall data quality; 4. developing a set of standardised paradata-based compound indicators – related to quality of responses and also to the social and psychological traits of respondents – to enrich response data. The above objectives will be achieved by studying dedicated web surveys where detailed paradata were captured and specific methodological questions were used, which includes the European Social Survey online panel (CRONOS 2017). In addition, new studies will be conducted with a leading Slovenian online panel (e.g. Valicon), with a global online panel (e.g. Survey Monkey) and with non-panel respondents. Another research stream will comprise a meta-study of around 100,000 web surveys from the 1KA open-survey platform.

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