Supporting Evidence-based Education of Youth Workers (SEEYW)




1.2.2019 - 31.8.2021


prof.dr. Tomaž Deželan


The project primarily aims at strengthening capacities of youth workers. Through laying the groundwork for the professionalization of youth work and delivering a set of outputs related to the evidence-based education and training of youth workers, the project will contribute in the long term to the overall quality of youth work provision in project partner countries, as well as potentially having an impact in a wider geographical context. The priorities of the project are based on the established needs for quality youth work education and training, which have been articulated through research and policy recommendations, and by relevant stakeholders directly involved in youth work provision, both at EU and national levels. In order to support and sustain the provision of quality youth work in project partner countries, the partnership will produce a research-based core framework of standards for youth work and innovative curricula for youth work education and training programmes.

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