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WELL-CARE – Investing in the mental wellbeing and resilience of long-term care workers and informal carers through the identification, evaluation, and promotion of good practices across Europe




1.5.2023 - 1.5.2027

Project leader at FDV:

prof.dr. Valentina Hlebec

Research activity:


The phases of the project and their realization:

-Project management (WP1): month 1-48 -Review, selection and analysis of good practices (WP2): month 1-24 -Developing prototypes, tools and infrastructures for implementing impactful support interventions (WP3): month 1-48 -Policy analysis, evaluation and recommendations (BLNs) with LTC workers, informal carers and stakeholders (WP4): month 1-48 -Blended learning networks (BLNs) with LTC workers, informal carers and stakeholders (WP5): month 1-48 -Dissemination, communication and exploitation (WP6): month 1-48


Valentina Hlebec, Tatjana Rakar, Miriam Hurtado Monarres

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WELL CARE focuses on improving the resilience and mental health of informal carers and long-term care workers by strengthening care partnerships. By care partnerships we mean the coordination, integration and mutual recognition of care and care activities carried out by LTC workers and informal carers in the vision of integrated long-term care. WELL CARE aims to increase the understanding of successful ways to prevent and manage mental health problems among informal carers and LTC workers. This includes exploring the role of personal and community factors and the ways in which organisations can provide successful solutions. The ultimate aim is to develop a set of support interventions (prototypes) to enhance the mental health of LTC and informal carers, thereby sustaining and enabling the vision of partnerships in care between these two groups.

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