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BuildEU/ Building stronger Europe through teaching and education




1.10.2022 - 30.9.2025

Project leader at FDV: Meta Novak


BuildEU Jean Monnet module targets first year master students of Political science and European studies with the aim to build stronger Europe through teaching and education. Within the project, we will equip students with skills for active and professional participation in EU policymaking process. In this way they will be able to contribute to EU participatory democracy. BuildEU seeks to address the following objectives: • To provide excellence in teaching EU studies with the aim to generate knowledge of future actors in EU policy-making to strengthen the role of Europe. • To connect the students from Slovenia with other students from EU to build a feeling of EU studies community. • To bring practitioners and practical knowledge to students with the aim to foster dialogue between academic world and civil society actors. • To share most recent scientific results by prominent scholars to promote excellence in teaching and research in EU studies. • To open EU studies to public by creating students blog with the aim to reach out to wider society and spread knowledge about EU. Activities of BuildEU Jean Monnet module will be implemented in 60 hours course Comparative interest groups politics that covers the role of participatory democracy in the EU, key theories on the development of interest groups; research approaches in comparing interest group politics across time and across EU countries; interest group behaviour and strategies in various contexts (local, national, European). Several events will be organised such as: yearly guest lecture by prominent interest groups scholars, yearly visit by practitioner (both open to all students) and role plays and simulation exercises on selected topics between local and other European students. BuildEU Jean Monnet module will prepare deliverables for different target groups such as: project website, project social media accounts, leaflet and blog written by students for the general public, handbook on interest groups in EU policymaking for students and academic article addressing the experiences of teaching interest groups studies for academic community.

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