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Jean Monnet Module: EU Environmental Policy: Internal and External Dimensions (EU ENVI)




1.9.2016 - 31.8.2019


prof.dr. Ana Bojinović Fenko

Research activity:

Social Sciences


The module ‘EU Environmental Policy: Internal and External Dimensions’ aims at exploring legal, policy and practical dimensions of the EU actions in the field of environment, taking into account and highlighting close interactions between its internal and external dimensions. International, EU and national perspectives are employed to study environmental governance. The module traces how global commitments influence the development of EU environmental policies and how this further impacts the national level. Attention is given to ways in which the EU and its Member States seek to influence global environmental regimes. To put the discussed matters into an analytical context the EU’s internal policy-making is studied; the EU’s competences in environmental matters broadly defined and instruments that the EU uses to pursue the objectives analysed. As a response to topics discussed as indicated above, students are encouraged to reflect on the role that political and corporate interests can play in socially and physically complex problems; the response of the public, in particular advocates of a less anthropocentric approach towards environmental governance; and the role of the EU in a deeply interdependent international community. Project deliverables: teaching material (lectures, seminars and simulation of decision-making in Council of the EU on Environment), round table notes from the round table on EU environmental policy organised on 9 May 2018, interviews with the module holder, guest lecturers and students enrolled in the module, a newspaper article on EU environmental policy and an edited volume of student research under supervision of the module holder and two editors on current challenges of internal and external dimensions of EU environmental policy. Academic coordinator and contact person: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ana Bojinović Fenko (e-mail:; phone: +386 (0)1 5805 224) Project results and related publications: Jean Monnet Module EU ENVI Europe Day round table and with Student Conference: Interview with module coordinator Assoc. Prof. dr. Ana Bojinović Fenko on Jean Monnet activities (in Slovene): Newspaper article by Katja Miklavčič in Marko Maver, Phd, on Carbon Capture Storage: E-book (edited book featuring students' research articles on EU's domestic and external environmental policy) - in preparation


1. Teaching materials: handouts
2. Teaching materials: lecture by dr. Ana Bojinović Fenko
3. Teaching materials: lecture by dr. Tomislav Tkalec
4. Teaching materials: lecture by dr. Marko Maver
5. Teaching materials: lecture by Ana Grabnar
6. Teaching materials: lecture by dr. Polona Bunič
7. Teaching materials: lecture by Jana Pavlic
8. Teaching materials: lecture by dr. Danijel Crnčec
9. Teaching materials: lecture by dr. Danijel Crnčec (history)
10. Teaching materials: lecture by dr. Maja Bučar
11. Teaching materials: round tables notes

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