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Na ulice! Odraščanje v današnjem času

08. May 2024 | Sociologija

Upodatkovanje javnosti in mnenjske tehnologije

29. March 2024 | Komunikologija

History of the Western Balkans Gateway

In twenty chapters, the monograph deals with various considerations of the geostrategic and military aspects of the Slovenian military environment in the last two centuries. Based on a thorough historiographical knowledge, the authors analyze the political aspects of national security - focused on the Slovenian territory and population but considering the fact that until 34 years ago, the Slovenian territory was part of multinational states, which included more than just the Slovenian national territory.

27. March 2024 | Politologija

Blaginja v skupnosti

07. March 2024 | Sociologija

Spletno nasilje

12. February 2024