Comparative methodology

Komparativna metodologija

Course credits:

5.00 ECTS / 60 (28 hours of lectures, 0 hours of exercises, 29 hours of seminars, 3 hours other forms of work)

Course holder:

prof. dr. Valentina Hlebec


  • Assoc. Dr. Mitja Hafner Fink
  • Prof. Dr. Gregor Petrič


Elective - expert




Second semester

Study degree

1. level

    Course execution:

  • Undergraduate Programme of Social Informatics

Short content

The module deals with the qualitative and especially the quantitative methodologies that can be used for data analysis in comparative social policy research. It provides students with the relevant techniques, it enables them to apply these techniques to empirical data and it reviews the use of these techniques in major established studies.

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