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Evolution of the international community

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5.00 ECTS / 30 (30 hours of lectures, 0 hours of exercises, 0 hours of seminars, 0 hours other forms of work)

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izr. prof. dr. Marko Lovec






Second semester

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  • Undergraduate Programme of International Relations

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The evolution of the international community is dealt with through circumstances, actors, relations and norms i.e. through the structure of the international community. Students first get to know the system before the emergence of the contemporary international community. The system of Italian city states as the forerunner of the emerging development. Then comes the emergence of the contemporary system from the beginning of globalization, i.e. colonialism to the Westphalian peace. The significance of the Westphalian system for the past and present international community. The peaceful settlement of disputes and Jay’s treaty. The French revolution era and development of human rights. The emergence of the Holy Alliance, Quadripartite Alliance and Pentarchy. Nationalism and the Monroe Doctrin. The system of balance of powers. Haague peace conferences, the Calvo and Drago Doctrines. Bryan Treaties. Era between both WW, the system of the LN and beginnings of collective security. The Pact of Paris and Saavedra-Lamas Treaty. The Cold War and the system of collective security in the OUN. The rise and fall of the Non-aligned movement. The fall of the Berlin Wall. Tendencies in the future development of international relations.

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