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Politična antropologija

Course credits:

6.00 ECTS / 60 (30 hours of lectures, 0 hours of exercises, 30 hours of seminars, 0 hours other forms of work)

Course holder:

prof. dr. Igor Lukšič






First semester

Study degree

1. level

    Course execution:

  • Undergraduate Programme of Political Science - Studies of Politics and the State

Short content

Political anthropology is dealing with political mediation of human nature. At the beginning course is dedicated to presentation of development of the field and main concepts of the leading classics of traditions, starting with African Political Systems (1940). The core issue is political nature of the human being. Humanization of human being has always been mediated also through political forms. Politics was narrowed to public sphere through modern period and liberalism as dominant political doctrine. Political anthropology discovers and studies primal forms of political relations in modern democracies and stresses the meaning of rituals and other “uncivilized” mechanisms of constituting of political power. In this context course brings historical overview of the process of individuation of human being, which is realizing at the same time with his/her socialization. Themes as emotions, political socialization, race, gender, policy of human body, death, political identity, “big man” etc.

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