Visual Cultures & Communication: Images and Practices on the Move


Between 4th and 6th of September, the international conference “Visual Cultures & Communication: Images and Practices on the Move” took place at the Faculty of social sciences, University of Ljubljana. The conference, at which 30 participants from Europe and North America presented their findings, was hosted by Center for Social Communication Research and organised by working group for visual culture at ECRA - European Communication Research and Education Association ( in cooperation with Slovenian association of Communication ( and Lab for visual studies, University of Tampere ( Guest speakers of the conference were Jill Walker Retteberg (University of Bergen) with the lecture “Machine Images: from Vertov’s Kino-Eye to Deep Fakes and Selfie Lenses” and Paul Frosh (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) with the lecture “Moving Images: On the Mobility and Motility of Digital Photography”.


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