Visiting lectures by Professor Hyoung-jin Shina from Kyungpook National University from South Korea

In the week between 23 and 26 April 2019, we hosted Professor Hyoung-jin Shina from Kyungpook National University from South Korea.

Professor Hyoung-jin Shin is Head of the Department of Sociology at Kyungpook University, where he also graduated. He continued his education at the State University of New York, where he completed his Ph.D. in 2007 with the Ph.D. thesis: “Intermarriage Patterns of New Immigrants: Understanding the Social Boundaries of Hispanic and Asian Americans”. He worked as a professor at universities Eastern Michigan University and Brown University. His fields of expertise include identity, socioeconomic integration of immigrants and their ethnic background. He is author and co-author of numerous publications, including “Twilight of Ethnic Identity? Implication of Mixed Ancestries among Arab Americans” (2018), “Birds of a Feather: Social Bases of Neighbourhood Formation in Newark” (2016), “Socio-demographic Transition of Hawaii Nikkei, 1900 ~ 1910” (2017). Prof. Hyoung-jin Shin is also a member of several major international associations, such as Korean Sociological Association, Population Association of Korea, American Sociological Association, National Sociological Association of the United States, and Population Association of America and Eastern Sociological Society.


Professor Shin delivered several lectures, first titled “Language Socialization among Multicultural Adolescents in South Korea”, where he presented a study on a sample of 1,240 individuals, called multicultural youths, addressing the question of how linguistic socialization is taking place among young people whose mother tongue is not Korean. As part of the lecture series of the East Asia Research Library (EARL), he held a lecture entitled “Global Migration and Multiculturalism in South Korea”. He visited also the Department of Asian Studies where he gave a lecture titled “Intermarriage Patterns among Asian American Subgroups”.

Prof. Shin visited also the Korean Corner and met with the representatives of the East Asia Research Library (EARL). The mobility was funded by European Commission within the Erasmus + Credit Mobility programme.


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