Visiting lectures by prof. Frank Schimmelfennig from ETH, Zürich, Switzerland

Frank SchimmelfennigJean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the University of Ljubljana held a visiting lecture about European integration process by prof. Frank Schimmelfennig from ETH, Zürich, Switzerland. University of Ljubljana hosted academics and experts with high level of expert knowledge on European integrative process in the beginning of December.

At this annual lecture prof. Frank Schimmelfennig spoke about EU enlargement and different ways of integration pointing out positive and negative aspects of it and how it affects operation of the whole European union. Frank Schimmelfennig is a professor of European politics. He mainly focuses on the theories of European integration, on enlargement of EU integration, promotion of democracy and processes of democratization. You can read more about prof. Frank Schimmelfennig on this link:

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence UL project manager is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Damjan Lajh from our faculty. The project is co-financed by European commission from the Erasmus+ programme.

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