Visiting lecturer Dr. Serhun Al from Izmir University of Economics,Turkey

kurdi-resizeFaculty of Social Sciences hosted dr. Serhun Al, assistant professor from Izmir University of Economics, Turkey, in the period from 7 to 11 May 2018. The subject of his lectures were theories of nationalism, politics of identity, Middle Eastern politics, and Turkish politics. The lectures were held within the courses Comparative Political Systems and Governments and History of Political Ideas at the Undergraduate Programme of Political Science. The guest lecturer was hosted by Prof. Igor Lukšič.

Dr. Al received his PhD from the University of Utah in 2015. His research focuses mainly on ethics, nationalism and security studies with a comparative perspective. His primary geographical focus is on the Kurdish Middle East and Turkey. He is author, editor or co-editor of a book, book chapters, and a number of publications. Among the latest ones are: Decentralization and Intrastate Struggles: Chechnya, Punjab, and Quebec (2017); Statehood and Political Dynamics of the Insurgency: KLA and PKK and Comparative Perspective (2017); An Anatomy of Nationhood and the Question of Assimilation: Debates on Turkishness Revisited (2015; Local Armed Uprisings and Transnational Image of Claim-Making: The Kurds of Turkey and the Zapatistas of Mexico in Comparative Perspective (2015).

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The lectures were carried out within the framework of Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility programme.

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