[The Publishing House FDV] Marjan Svetličič: China in the World Economy and its Economic Relations with Slovenia: Past, Present and the Future

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It is undeniable that China is becoming a major player in the global economy and politics. Therefore, the aim of this book is to see the major characteristics of China development in the past and potential future trends which can substantially impact the economic and political relations of Slovenia with this giant country. It covers a general economic developments of China (growth, development strategies, foreign direct investments, technological transformation, growing soft power; abundantly illustrated with a lot of tables a figures) and of course many future development challenges China is facing on its way to become one of the major players in global power structure. This is an empirical basis for the evaluation of Slovenia relations with China. It dated many years back, so history of such relations is included apart from current bilateral cooperation trends in all major fields. In order to improve such a cooperation special chapters are devoted to overcoming problems in such cooperation and instruments for its future promotion. In view of China’s role in the global economy Slovenia has to enhance cooperation with this country in the future substantially. Overcoming cross cultural differences and how to negotiate with Chinese are final, very useful chapters for managers to improve such a cooperation since culture plays in this country very important role and mistakes in this area can be fatal. Slovenia is of course part of the EU, therefore its cooperation with China is part of the general EU framework. Special chapter is therefore devoted to EU policy towards China and its strategic evolution to a more assertive strategic autonomy in major sectors (trade, FDI, technology, digital economy, intellectual property rights including 5G related issues). The book is a very useful reading for everybody interested in China, journalists, students and not least to managers and politicians providing a rich data and suggestions on how to improve relations in the future. In such a way it filly the gap in knowledge about China in Slovenia.


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