Study process will be carried out online

In the light of the Government Ordinance issued yesterday and the rector's recommendations, as of Monday 19 October 2020, the entire study process at the Faculty of Social Sciences will be carried out online. We are preparing options that will allow us to at least partially carry out the study process on the faculty premises later in the semester, when, as we hope, general situation will calm down a bit.

Today you will receive the Notice on the study process, access to the resources and equipment to your Web Office.

We will inform you of any changes in the way of carrying out the study process on time.

Again, we ask for your cooperation and presence in the online classes. Quality of the pedagogical work depends on us all. Although the classes are online, it is a normal study process, so please take it seriously as in the lecture rooms and please respect the videoconferencing etiquette.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. We are looking forward to meeting you again live.


Back to list of notificationsPublished: 16. October 2020 | Category: FDV