Study Process in the Academic Year 2020/2021 at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Dear students,

based on the experience of the spring semester 2019/20, we have decided to carry out the upcoming academic year in a blended form, if the conditions allow it. Hence, we will start the classes on October 5th according to the timetable. We will welcome first-year students on October 1st and 2nd at the welcome and orientation day, organised by the faculty chairs. On the 30th September we'll have a special event for all foreign students.

Safety restrictions prevent us from fully carrying out the academic year in lecture rooms, therefore, we strive to ensure contact by combining both face-to-face and online classes, meaning that students will be divided into groups according to the study year and study programme and will alternately attend the classes in the lecture rooms and online. You can find a detailed description in your web office (MY FDV), please read it carefully.

I am aware that such a way is not ideal, but in these circumstances, there is simply no such way, so I kindly ask you for your understanding and diligent attendance of lectures, seminars and exercises both in the lecture rooms when it is your turn and online. In case of distress, please contact us, so that together we can find a solution.

For all of us, the situation is new and unpredictable, so I ask you for patience and help in the academic year, when we especially need one another.

Prof. Monika Kalin Golob

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