[Science] UN and international terrorism

United Nations (UN) dealt with the threat of international terrorism in a very limited sense in the time of Cold War. After the 9/11 when terrorism was perceived as a threat to international peace and security, it forged a more comprehensive approach. This paper shows a growing role of the UN in the fight against international terrorism and explores the comprehensiveness of its approach. The paper is based on the argument that the state of global counter-terrorism has significantly improved due to comprehensive and systematic approach of the UN, however several system challenges remain. The paper specifically focuses on the challenges of effectiveness of counter-terrorism measures and simultaneous need to respect human rights, the problem of enlarged role of Security Council as a permanent legislator in the field of counter-terrorism, the problem of implementation of adopted measures and the problem of coordination of a broad spectrum of counter-terrorism measures.

The article is available in Slovenian language only at this LINK.
Back to list of notificationsPublished: 13. June 2016 | Category: Achievements, Publikacija